Who Are You

Who Are You will be taking a break for now – but will return even bigger and better in the near future. Watch this space…

Below are the winners of this year’s Who Are You competition. We’d like to thank every entrant, our creative panel of judges and everyone who voted for this year’s winners — we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Artwork by siobhan mccrea

siobhan mccrea

who am I? what am I frightened of? who am i? what am I? what am I frightened of?

Artwork by Finn Anton Hallensleben

Finn Anton Hallensleben

My little story to this picture is \’FREEDOM\’. I don\’t want to say anything more than that.
Because I think you shouldn\’t say what a picture represents, everyone should create their own little story to it.
Just like no one should tell other people what to, everyone should live their life, do what they have to do and want to do to enjoy their life!

What is your story?

Artwork by Panin Pimprapoat

Panin Pimprapoat

I feel that, in today’s society, we have reached a point where people are more concern with how much money they make rather than their interests and passion. I created this sequence to portray the life of such person that is mundane and repeats itself everyday. I wanted the audience to fill in the clock face with their own and ask themselves, “Who am I?”.

Artwork by Abigail Bills

Abigail Bills

This piece represents a combination of my fears and dreams. I look down at where I aim to be at a height which strikes me at my bones. Everyone has to overcome their fears to achieve their goals. I have the world at my feet and despite my hurdles I will get to where I want to be. Remember you are limitless.

Artwork by Gregor Petrikovic

Gregor Petrikovic

My self-portrait depicts the story of me coming to the UK as an international student without sufficient language skills. Although lying on a heap of trouble and struggle, I am constantly trying to stay on its top and not to slip down. Despite the uncomfortable times when I have to find the balance between my personal life, school and career I focus on one thing: looking at the sky and seeing the positive.

Artwork by Thuy Tien Nguyen

Thuy Tien Nguyen

“A third culture kid is a person who has spent a significant part of their childhood outside their parents’ culture.”
Art has helped me to overcome the challenges that I went through as a third culture kid. For a long time, I was struggling to adapt to the new changes in life; my world was monochrome and dull until I discovered my passion for Art. Art- making has brought colour into my world and helped me to define my identity.

Artwork by Alia Hamaoui

Alia Hamaoui

Trapped in a translucent box, pinned up against a wall, compared and contrasted. We are trapped within the stereotypes of society, dictated and controlled. Neither an object or a person, neither a child or an adult. Soon our memories of youth will be just like the figure in the box, you can see it but it is distorted and morphed, hidden away and unable to touch it ever again.



I believe that the goal of humanity comes through self realization. Meditation is that state in which a feel I can realize myself beyond my limited body, truly one with the whole universe. It’s a complete changing experience. When I’m in meditation I just feel waves of grace, a spontaneous and innate joy, so deep that I would never want to get away. So, I simply tried to show, my Sahaj way, how one feels in that meditative state.

Artwork by Molly Palmer

Molly Palmer

My family and friends are the most important people in the world to me. They’re the ones who have made me the person I am today.

Artwork by Rankin’s Choice

Rankin’s Choice

Freja Hyldgaard

Man, I wish i only needed glasses to see clearly. Thats not the case though, and I’ve been taking antipsychotics for 3 years now.

Artwork by Sarah Mozer

Sarah Mozer

Having a chronic illness for the past 4 years has altered who I am in many ways. One key change has been my outlook on the world around me and how I now make sure I take the time to appreciate the little things in life; time with family, a good book, the beauty of nature, a letter in the post or freshly baked cakes can brighten up even a difficult day. I have used these little things to inspire my design as well as my belief that every cloud has a silver lining.

Artwork by Constance Adams

Constance Adams

I am an explorer and I find a part of myself wherever I go. When looking over Paris I realised how much more there is to discover, and the anxiety started to kick in. Cities spread across the world each with their own style and story. This diversity defines society and the actions that cause conflict or peace. How do I stop from losing myself within it all? Try and learn how to balance the fear of the unknown with the excitement of the unpredictable.

Artwork by Anna Harbord

Anna Harbord

This photo shows me as a young girl and my dog. It shows that as I grew up and moved on the dog aged and faded away. It symbolises how the paths we take can affect our future.

Artwork by Merin Antoney

Merin Antoney

Sometimes the biggest obstacle you can face is yourself. For me it was that part of me who thought silence was the easy route to avoid consequences and in the past I gave in to this belief.
As time went by I started to feel silent and locked in my own body and I knew, I had taken the hardest route possible. I realized nobody could teach me how to battle against myself, instead I had to discover it alone by learning to leave my comfort zone and taking control of my whole self.

Artwork by Rebeka Tarane

Rebeka Tarane

The painting includes layers and layers of posts from my twitter account reflecting on my everyday life and emotions that I have felt in a longer period of time, What we are is what we do and what we feel, what we release in to the world. This piece is a private collection of thoughts released in to public space. It is spontaneous and hand-guided, without any thought through placement and I think nothing shows more about a person than what they do based on impulses.

Artwork by Renee Osubu

Renee Osubu

This project is based on the misconceptions of the fashion industry and the effect these misconceptions have on an audience. I was looking at how young girls my own age are drastically affected when making comparisons with models and themselves. I am exploring how the original appearances of these girls are lost through manipulations of their original appearance.

I want to create inspirational images. When any girl is asked “Who are you?” I hope they can say “I Am Beautiful.”

The rules

  1. You must be aged 14 – 19 years to enter.
  2. Artwork must be original, we don't want to see what has been done before.
  3. Put all of your efforts into one piece as we can only accept one submission per person.

The Judges

Profile of Simon Pride

Simon Pride

Marketing & Communications Manager
Arts University Bournemouth

Simon Pride joined Arts University Bournemouth in June 2011 as Head of Marketing and Communications after 25 years in advertising. He began his agency career as a Graduate Trainee with J Walter Thompson and subsequently worked in Account Management up to MD level at agencies including DDB Needham, Mustoe's, Lintas and Euro RSCG in London and Amsterdam.
Profile of Giles Duley

Giles Duley

Award winning
humanitarian photographer

Award-winning photographer and AUB Alumnus Giles Duley focuses on humanitarian projects. His work has been published in Vogue, GQ, Esquire and Rolling Stone. Recent exhibitions include photos of Afghanistan civilians wounded by landmines in Parliament.
Profile of Debbie Powell

Debbie Powell


An AUB Illustration Alumni, Debbie works on both commissioned and personal projects from her studio in London.  Some of her clients include; Penguin Books, Japan Railway, Lagom Design, Simon & Schuster, Rizzoli, Marks & Spencer and most recently, Giraffe restaurants.
Profile of Pip Jamieson

Pip Jamieson

The Loop

A passionate entrepreneur and Co-founder of professional creative community The Loop - a giant creative network that revolutionises the way professionals link with opportunities. Pip has also worked on the Brit Awards before moving over to MTV and working in numerous roles across the world.
Profile of Rankin



Synonymous with compelling portraiture, Rankin’s lens captures, creates and unveils icons. Having photographed everyone from the Queen of England to the Queen of Pop, Rankin is not only a celebrity photographer, but also a genuinely passionate portrait photographer.
Profile of Mat Hunter

Mat Hunter

Chief Design Officer
Design Council

Mat is Chief Design Officer at the Design Council, a charity that pioneers the use of design for public good. Mat heads up the organisation’s Design Challenges programme, demonstrating how design can create new solutions for the big issues of our time. Whether stopping the spread of superbugs or promoting health and wellbeing for our ageing population, the programme generates practical solutions to complex problems.

The Timeline

  1. Entries are now closed. Our creative panel of judges are preparing to shortlist.

  2. Voting is closed and winners will be announced soon

  3. Posters up – its time to celebrate at the gallery exhibition

About The Project

‘Who Are You’ is an Arts University Bournemouth

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